Wednesday, October 1, 2008


In addition to sharing links to other movies I reviewed over September, I'm going to use this space to announce my goal for October. I hope to review at least one horror movie out of the Criterion collection a week until Halloween. This may mean just working through the Monsters and Madmen set, but as time permits, I'd like to do some of the individual titles, as well.

Anyway, fingers crossed that I can pull it off!


* Choke, a limp and hateful adaptation of a Chuck Palahniuk novel, starring Sam Rockwell as the whiny snot who still wants his mommy and takes his abandonment issues out on everyone around him, particularly the everyone of the "female" variety. Aggressive, regressive, and boring.

* The Duchess, starring Keira Knightley as Georgiana Cavendish in a surprisingly deep and complex study of politics in and out of the bedroom. Not French, but hey, close enough.

* Righteous Kill, in which a hack director thinks having Al Pacino and Robert De Niro is enough. Think again!

* The Women, Diane English's attempt to set feminism back to where it was 50 years before George Cukor made the 1939 film she's so badly eviscerating.


* An American in Paris, the marvelous Gene Kelly picture, featuring the breathtaking "An American in Paris Ballet"

* Gigi, the lavish musical based on a scandalous story by Colette

* The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration Giftset, wherein Francis Ford Coppola undertakes a big clean-up job for his legendary trilogy.

* High School Flashback Collection (Sixteen Candles/The Breakfast Club/Weird Science), a new collection of three of John Hughes' earliest teen flicks.

* I Got the Feelin': James Brown in the '60s, a three-disc set, featuring two concerts and a documentary about Brown's show in Boston following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King.

* Leatherheads, George Clooney's attempt at a screwball football romantic comedy.

* Turn the River, actor Chris Eigeman makes his directorial debut with a respectable indie drama about a pool hustler trying to win back custody of her son. Starring Famke Janssen.

* Vertigo: Special Edition, a new double-disc release of one of Hitchcock's finest.

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