Saturday, December 10, 2011


Because I'm nuts and decided to toss away a whole afternoon chasing wormholes on the Criterion site, I built a page for myself in their new "My Criterion" feature. Here is my profile.

As of yet it doesn't appear to have any connectivity features between people within the site, but fans can build their own collection database and share it elsewhere.

The company's infamous customer troubleshooter John Mulvaney also has his own profile. He hasn't added many titles, but if you click on the boxes, all of his have notes about why they are there--something I haven't really experimented with yet.

Okay, now that that's done, off to dig into Three Colors...


Matt said...

Wow, 554 titles. I own 120 or so and thought I was special. I should note I saw the US premiere of Double Life of Veronique at a film festival and got to meet Irene Jacob. It was pretty amazing because at the time I had no expectations for the film and didn't know who she was.

Jamie S. Rich said...

Now that they've let us add out-of-print editions, my number is even worse! :)

I'm jealous of your Irene story!

Rod said...

Yeah, but you get a lot of them for free, don't you? :)