Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, I have to say, I was thrilled yesterday when this arrived in my inbox via the DVD Talk website.

I read your review of 'Blast of Silence - Criterion Collection' and...I am deeply pleased with your critique and am gratified by your keen observation of things I worked to expressed when making the film. My sincerest thanks.

Allen Baron

You can't ask for better than that, no?


Editor said...

Yes, that's a very lovely comment from Mr. Baron. The only problem is that for years he's lived in a fantasy world, pretending that he made the film in a vacuum without the talents of the many other artists who contributed. These of course include my late father, Merrill S. Brody, who both produced and photographed the film. I don't think you'll find a single interview where Allen mentions my father. Very curious since the two had been friends since kindergarten.

I know my dad wouldn't be happy that I wrote this, but I grow increasingly tired of reading about the fantastic, desolate noir look of the film as if it had been designed by Mr. Baron.

Tod Brody
Copenhagen, Denmark

Jamie S. Rich said...

Thanks for coming by, Tod. The issues between you and Mr. Baron are not for me to hash out, but I do hope you noticed I did in fact mention your father's contribution in my review.

Editor said...

Jamie, Thanks for your response. I didn't expect you to hash out anything, and I do appreciate that you, and many others, mentioned my father's work in your reviews.

I simply said what I felt needed to be said, as Mr. Baron has somehow felt the need to rewrite history since my father's untimely death in 1996. Since he can no longer speak for himself, I feel the responsibility to protect his memory. I think most sons would feel the same way.

Unknown said...

The photography on Blast of Silence was primarily done by Mr. Eric Kolmar. Meryl Brody photographed some minor scenes.In the final scene, Mr. Kolmar used an Airoflex and Mr. Brody handheld an Imex camera in which he incorrectly set the speed. This was corrected in the laboratory. Mr.Brody primarily produced and had little to do with the actual design of the film. Mr. Kolmar is alive and living in New York State and can confirm the above. Allen Baron

Anonymous said...

This is the absurd lie which can be easily refuted by any on the other "still living" crew members who worked on Blast. Mr. Baron has a long history of lying about the production of the film, and trying to diminish my father's role, as well as most of the rest of his career. Mr. Kolmar was the camera operator, and nothing more as the film's credits indicate. Mr. Baron is one of the most hated and reviled men in Hollywood. Just ask ANYONE he ever worked with. Anyone!

In 1997, a year after my father's death, Mr. Baron approached me about producing a sequel to Blast in which he would star, and became enraged when I told him I wasn't interested. He harrassed me and my mother and I eventually had to have my attorney threaten him with a lawsuit after which he crawled back under his rock. Anyone interested in the records of this event is welcome to them.

Mr. Baron has made a career out of Blast, and as more and more of the crew pass away, he's rewritten history to fit his scenario. Anyone interested in the truth, however, can get the details from my mother, the film's assistant director, who's happy to define the rolls of Mr. Kolmar and my father.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Allen. Self serving and despicable to the end. At the age of 82, one would think you'd have learned. Oh, but then you lie about that too, don't you. You like to pretend you were born in 1935. Try telling the truth for once in your life.

Tod Brody

Unknown said...

Mr. Baron needs to learn the difference between a DP and a camera operator. He also needs to learn what an Arriflex is. At the age of 82 with the long career he had, one would think he might know these things.

The problem is that he's spent so many years rewriting history in the most self-aggrandizing manner possible that even he believes it at this point. And now, continuing to lie about his former deceased partner is the lowest of a life full of lows.

And Mr. Kolmar should stop trying to claim that he
"shot" the film. There's a big difference between being the Cinematographer and the Operator. Shame on both of you.