Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Given that I write more reviews than what you see here, below is a list of non-Criterion films I covered in the past month that may be of interest to Criterion fans.


* 101 One Dalmatians - 2-Disc Platinum Edition, the Disney classic returning to DVD should have you seeing spots!

* The Aristocats: Special Edition, wherein everybody gets to be a cat, and oh, what fun we had.

* Diva Dolorosa, a collage of Italian silent cinema created as tribute to the operatic woman.

* Elizabeth: The Golden Age, an overlooked sequel to the 1998 Cate Blanchett vehicle that offers a lot of what fans expect--plus a little more.

* Lyrical Nitrate/The Forbidden Quest, Delpeut's found footage films don't live up to their reputation.

* Margot at the Wedding, featuring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Nicole Kidman as sisters with issues in Noah Baumbach's darkly comic family drama.

* Michael Clayton, a gripping puzzler that gets more interesting the more you look at it.

* Stanley Kramer Film Collection, a five-movie set celebrating the pioneering independent producer and director known for his crusading spirit.

* You've Got Mail: Deluxe Edition, a not-as-bad-as-you-think Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks vehicle remaking a classic Ernst Lubitsch motion picture.

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