Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Oh, dear. Here we go again! I'm off to Comic Con today. Preview night is tonight, and the big carnival is going all weekend. It's going to be an exciting year. I am a bit of a free-floating agent this time around, and I will be dividing my time between the Oni Press table and the Tr!ckster event that will be going on across the street. Film fans can best understand Tr!ckster being analogous to Slamdance as an alternative to Sundance: a creator-ran festival that opens its arms to those who feel maybe a bit marginalized by the bigger show. Expect it to be a blast.

Of special note is the fact that Criterion is participating in Tr!ckster, and there will be an Akira Kurosawa-themed art show raising money for disaster relief in Japan. Read all the details in the link above or by clicking on this image:

My full schedule is posted to my Confessions123 blog. Please check it out. Come meet me, and attend my Tr!ckster symposium with Greg Rucka, Mike Allred, and Larry Marder.

My creative partner Joëlle Jones is an exalted special guest of Comic Con, because she's awesome, and you want to check her schedule at her blog, too, to see where she'll be when she isn't signing with me. She has a spotlight panel on Sunday, of which I will be part. It will be amazing. Also, dude, you gotta buy these prints.

My pal Mike Allred will also be performing with his band the Gear on Friday and Saturday. Take a look at Mike's schedule at his blog.

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Get on an airplane, take a train, do what you gotta do...but don't miss it! Comic Con passes might be hard to come by, but the main Tr!ckster event is free, only the Symposia cost money. Truly alternative!

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