Sunday, October 18, 2009


My apologies to my readers for missing an update last week. I hate not hitting my deadlines, even self-imposed ones. I got caught up in a variety of things, including computer troubles, several other freelance commitments, and I think the general sludge of autumn emerging. Everything these past couple of weeks has taken longer than expected. This is only the second or third time in two years that I have missed my weekly post on this blog, so I suppose I have an okay track record. Like always, I'll make up for it by upping the output here in the next two weeks, staring with Dušan Makavejev: Free Radical later today, and then working my way through the next three Criterion releases: Monsoon Wedding, Z, and Wings of Desire.

Never fear, I may have stumbled, but I don't stay down for long. Thanks for your patience, and while you wait, please enjoy this hold music...

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