Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Given that I write more reviews than what you see here, below is a list of non-Criterion films I covered in the past month that may be of interest to Criterion fans.


* Boarding Gate, Eurotrash from Olivier Assayas with a boring Asia Argento trying to act like she's tough and alluring.

* Girls Rock!, a heartwarming and thoughtful documentary about the Girls Rock 'n' Roll Camp.

* Married Life, a melodrama set in the 1950s that has great style, performances, and ideas, but might have gone too heavy on the restraint. Some appeal here for Douglas Sirk fans.

* Snow Angels, a fantastic new drama from David Gordon Green, with outstanding performances from an ensemble cast that includes Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale.


* Bonnie & Clyde: Ultimate Collector's Edition, a rad boxed set giving the red carpet treatement to a violent classic.

* Dangerous Crossing, an appealing 1950s thriller playing on the The Lady Vanishes formula, but this time with Jeanne Crain on a boat.

* The Inner Life of Martin Frost, wherein novelist Paul Auster tries to create a Wings of Desire for muses, but lacks the inspiration to go all the way with it. Still, Irene Jacob is in it.

* James Ellroy's Feast of Death, a killer documentary about the murders that obsess one of our finest crime novelists.

* Lions for Lambs, Robert Redford's attempt at a political thinkpiece ultimately goes awry.

* No Country for Old Men, wherein I tell you why you're stupid if you say you didn't like the ending.

* Pride of the Yankees - Collector's Edition, the quintessential sports biography, with Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig.

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