Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This weekend, Portland, OR's film freaks are going to be treated to the Supertrash Film Festival. Three nights of crazy films, accompanied by a special gallery showing of exclusive movie posters, sponsored in part by the folks at Fantagraphics, who will be collecting some of these items into book form.

Among these posters is the awesome piece Eric Skillman did for Samuel Fuller's masterpiece about the Korean War, The Steel Helmet, available in the Eclipse Series box of Fuller.

Eric does design for the Criterion Collection, including hiring awesome comic book artists to do covers and his own swanky artwork on the Berlin Alexanderplatz set. (A fascinating two-part description of the process for that box can be read here and here.)


Also in the set of posters is a pretty cool one for Eyes Without a Face done by comics artist Brian Churilla. Check out Brian's book The Engineer.

churilla "eyes without a face"

Give the festival schedule a look, and head on down for some cinematic good times! If I can, I'm going to check out Mad Love and Psych Out.

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